Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I grew up on a farm in south central Idaho.  I worked on my dad's farm with my 7 brothers and 2 sisters.  I am number 8 of 10 kids. I graduated from Dietrich High School in 2003 and left on an LDS mission to the Domincan Republic November of that year. I attended BYU - Idaho and obtained a BS in Mechanical Engineering graduatuating Magna Cum Laud.

When it came to girls I seemed to always be on the prowl. When younger I always looked forward to my sixteenth birthday and the day I could go on dates. Seems like from that day I started a long chain of dating that would finally land me with the girl of my dreams.

Relationships were always short with me, seems like I seemed to get to know who I was dating really fast. That being said that it was no supprise that I have never had a relationship last more than 3 months. I was having a blast in Rexburg. I probably went on at least one date a week on average and with lots of different girls. Seems like I had dated them all, girly girls to tom boys. I wasn't putting marriage on the back burner, just didn't find that girl I wanted to spend eternity with.

After graduating from BYU - Idaho I moved to Provo to go to BYU for graduate school. Dating was different. It seemed like everybody was really clickish. I didn't like how it was going, it was fun, just still was looking for that girl and it wasn't going well.  A roommate had signed up for online dating and had a date that was actually really cute, so as a joke I signed up Terry(my roommate) on while he was in the shower.  We then spent some good times laughing and joking about the onligh scene. I did see there were some cute girls on line, so I sighned up and started looking.

After a month of emails and meeting a few girls face to face it was the typical online scene, a few really nice girls, a few fakes and that was about it. I stopped paying and when probed by my dad about dating I offered for him to pay for another month of subscription and he agreed, just a week later I got a flirt from a girl in Idaho Falls. I hadn't even been looking that far away because i wanted face time, but I was going to Idaho taking a truck to Arco, so I arranged a meet with Whitny.

When I first read WhitnyDawn's profile greeting something just made me want to talk to her.  Here is how it read.

HI this is kinda weird to write about myself but....I have the best job in the world.....I'm hair dresser! I love singing, danicing, snowboarding and the out doors! Im pretty laid back...and love to laugh and have fun! The online thing is something my family and friends said i had and needed to do so here i am lol! i want the man i marry to take the covenants we make seriously! i am looking for someone who can be my best friend!:) the gospel is so very important to me and want a man who honors his priesthood and loves this gospel as much as i do! i love the temple and what i learn and feel every time i go there! my family is everything to me! 

While talking to her via email and on the phone she was great but I had been down that road before. Also with online dating you meet people that seem to look better in picture than in person. I was taking a truck to Arco so she agreed to meet me in Blackfoot. I saw he pull up in this cute yellow jeep, "cool" was my first thought, and it even had Toyo MT's. She was better looking in person than online... score. We drove to IF and had dinner and took a walk around the greenbelt. Conversation was easy and natural. When she took me back to the semi, I asked if she wanted a ride, of course, me just being a farm boy, gave her a ride in a big truck. And then I headed to Arco with her on my mind.

I was hooked and decided I wanted to get to know her as much as possible and as soon as possible before I spent the whole summer dating long distance, so I did. That same weekend I saw her two more time and went to church with her. The very next weekend I took her home to spend some time on the farm and to see what my family thought. I took her Twin Falls and went down in to the Canyon and to Arco along with having her help on the farm. From there I only saw he once more before going to MN for a summer internship with Polaris. It was after I got to MN we spent countless hours on the phone and it was then I fell in love with the person inside and relized that I loved her. So I flew her out and told her in person.

I finally found the girl that had everything that I had always wanted in a girl. I beleive that she had been prepared through her trials and that I needed to meet here exactly at the time I did. It really is like a dream come true.

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