Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun Fun things happening! Cody had his 28th birthday!!! We had cake and made a whole weekend celebration about it! One of Cody's favorite things to do here is walk over to the beautiful lake by our house! Especially when he sun is setting. And the other thing of course is to check out vehicles from work and go riding! We took this RAZR last weekend and it was a blast! I actually really want one myse

Happy  Happy Birthday!!!!

So Pretty

Of course Cody took this one lol


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time for Cody's b-day. That lake is so pretty! That's cool that you guys have it so close to your house. Also, that razr is awesome. That's so fun you guys can borrow vehicles from work to go ride. I want a ride :)

  2. So I totally didnt know you had been blogging,I love your darling little house, it looks perfect! I also hadnt seen the wedding/reception pictures, it all looks great. Hope you guys are doing well! It was fun to see you!